Writing and Editing

Does your organization need to produce an important document that is critical to your business?  Or do you need additional help to get a document completed with the professional-level quality you require?

Whether it's writing from scratch, revising an in-process draft, or editing the final version, Communication Partners can help.

As experienced writers, published authors, journalists, and business communication professors, the principals of Communication Partners have the sophisticated skill-set that is essential to write, revise, and edit any business or technical document.  

When you engage us on a writing or editing project, you will get a document that is:

  • Strategic-with a well-defined message and content that fits your audience and your purpose


  • Organized-with a transparent structure that makes reading - or oral delivery - easy and efficient


  • Readable-with well-crafted sentences and paragraphs that make the content flow


  • Precise-with categories, definitions, and terminology that enhance your readers' understanding of the subject matter


  • Illuminating-with tables, graphs, flow charts, and diagrams that bring key components of your content into sharp relief


  • Persuasive-with strong arguments and powerful evidence to win over your audience


  • Action-oriented-so that your audience understands what they need to know, what steps to take, and what they need to accomplish

We have written, edited, or revised documents across a range of business areas:

  • Financial-such as board financial presentations, budget documents, and "Regulation D" private placement memorandums
  • Planning-such as business plans, marketing plans, and a strategic planning process manual
  • Training-including technical writing standards manuals and operational guidelines
  • Technology-including functional specifications for a business web site, and technical and functional specifications for an IT legacy systems conversion
  • Other Business Documents-including speeches, white papers, business cases, and business agreements

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