When you engage Communications Partners to train your staff, you don't get cookie-cutter classroom sessions and off-the-shelf materials that may have no relevance to your business.   Instead, we work with you to develop customized training sessions tailored to your needs.   Your documents, business content, and communication challenges are where we begin.  

Then, based on our years of experience, we can build a single course or an extensive training program targeted at improving the communication performance of your people in their day-to-day work environment.

Every training session Communication Partners offers is:

  • Business-specific-tailored to the unique requirements of your business goals and processes
  • Customized-using your documents, presentation materials, and business approaches as the foundation of every training session, thus making every session immediately relevant
  • Practical-providing concrete methods that can be implemented quickly on the job
  • Up-to-date-employing current ideas from business, education, and communication research
  • Memorable and dynamic-offering a combination of lecture, group exercises, and individualized instruction to ensure an outstanding training experience
  • Flexible-with sessions as short or as long as schedules, demands, and learning goals permit
  • Individualized-addressing individual needs through follow-up coaching. We can use both small group and 1-on-1 coaching, as well as both in-person interaction and distance learning technologies. Such individualized attention helps ensure that every participant will understand key principles and can apply them
  • Measurable-employing methodologies for assessing improvement and change
  • Replicable and adaptable-so you can repeat a course firm-wide, allowing you to benefit from scale economies, and/or to adapt a course for different contexts or groups of employees.

Below are some of the client-specific training courses we have created and delivered:


Strategic Business Writing-a two-day course, using business-specific content and participants' own writing samples. Includes follow-up 1-on-1 sessions for additional improvement

Communicating Complex Knowledge-innovative techniques to convey complex technical, engineering, and business ideas, particularly to non-technical and lay audiences

Effective Tables and Graphs-best practices in how to design and present tables and graphs for maximum clarity

Building Successful PowerPoint Decks-how to use PowerPoint to make the best business case and to present ideas effectively, including structuring the entire PowerPoint deck and designing individual slides so the presentation is elegant, sophisticated, and powerful

Developing Complex Communication Strategies -determining, organizing, and presenting your business message to diverse audiences

Delivering Dynamic Presentations-how to deliver a major presentation or speech, making extensive use of videotaping and immediate feedback

Technical Communication for IT Personnel-systematic methods for technology personnel to write clear, concise documents for non-technical and managerial colleagues and clients

Effective Documentation-how to document processes, events, meetings, and other business activities

Best Practices in Listening-a half-day course on how to be an effective listener

Best Practices in Oral Communication-a half-day course covering techniques for making short oral presentations and speeches

Best Practices in Business Writing-a half-day course on fundamentals of business writing

Time Management-a course that focuses on the challenge of using time efficiently, both in completing the communication tasks ahead of you and other important business tasks


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