Process Improvement

For some businesses, the final work-product IS communication-whether it's a consulting report, a PowerPoint presentation, a white paper, a user manual, a set of technical/functional specifications. These communication deliverables are what the customer buys, or an important component of the final product.

Market research firms, consulting firms, engineering firms, technology firms-all these information intensive businesses produce client documents each day. But are they producing documents efficiently? Is there a process to ensure the right content and the right ideas are in the right place at the right time?

Communication Partners can provide practical, executable advice to streamline the creation of written documents, PowerPoint slides, and oral presentations. This advice ranges from creating elegant and easy-to-read formats-often providing instantaneous improvements-to analyzing the creation and review process that extends through your organization's chain of command.


To improve communication processes, we follow a four-step approach:


  1. Evaluation of existing work-products-strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for improvement
  2. Analysis of creation process -how the work-product is created/written, edited, revised, approved, and disseminated
  3. Plan of improvement-with specific ideas for reworking formats, responsibilities, and the "process chain"
  4. Implementation-working with your personnel to institute the new process.


The end-result is enhanced efficiency: not only do your people complete their work more efficiently, but your customers can now more easily grasp and comprehend your communication deliverables.


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