Entrepreneur Communication

Early stage and start-up businesses have demanding communication challenges.

To acquire needed capital, a business needs to have a detailed, well-thought out, and often complex business plan. The revenue and financial spreadsheets must be thorough and completely transparent.

Simultaneously the entrepreneur must distill a lengthy business plan and its financial projections into a standard and very brief "elevator pitch"-the succinct yet complete description of the enterprise and its business model that can be communicated in the time it takes to ride an elevator to a building's top floor.

And for its customers, an early-stage business needs a precisely articulated and easily communicated value proposition, or it won't generate the revenue and profits to provide the return that investors expect.

If your enterprise faces these challenges, call on Communication Partners. Our principals understand the entrepreneurial mind-set, and have written successful business plans and developed detailed financial projections. We can:

  • formulate and/or revise your key business messages for both investors and customers
  • write, revise, and/or edit your business plan so it has maximum impact
  • design and/or revise your financial spreadsheet structure and display to enhance clarity
  • help you create and deliver powerful presentations for potential investors and capital sources


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