Cross-Cultural Communication

In today's global business environment, learning to communicate successfully in different cultures is essential for success. Often, business people believe that international business transactions will happen exactly as they do domestically, and they just need to apply their successful domestic strategies to an international setting.

But that can be a recipe for failure.

At Communication Partners, our experts in cross-cultural communication can help you navigate different and perplexing cultural environments.

Whether it's negotiating strategies for a specific international transaction, reviewing your international sales and marketing efforts, or training your executives to communicate with their overseas customers, clients, and vendors - we can provide the concrete advice you need to get the job done.

Our seminars and consulting services in cross-cultural communication will help your people learn about cross-cultural differences, and methods for dealing with them. Besides language differences, we explain how different cultures have differing values, perceptions, and business philosophies, and how your people can operate successfully and profitably within those contexts.

These differences are particularly important during negotiations, where methods of achieving agreements, as well as the agreements themselves, can be markedly different from the American approach.


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