Communication Strategy Development

What are the business messages you need to convey? And what are the best means to convey them?

With years of experience in business communication, Communication Partners can help you and your firm develop powerful communication strategies to deliver the messages you want an audience to receive.

Whether it’s helping your entire business or just one department, we can assist you in analyzing and then developing the five key components of your communication strategy.

  • Purpose—what is the objective of your communication?
  • Message—what do you need to say and how will you say it?
  • Audience—who is getting your message and how can you tailor your message to that audience?
  • Persona—how should you be viewed by the audience that receives your message?
  • Channel—how should you deliver this message? By memo or meeting? Email or press release?

Our deep business knowledge allows us to help you formulate your communication strategy in the context of your firm’s overall strategic plan, marketing approach, and customer value proposition. This leads to communication that is both powerful AND consistent with your business vision.

Communication Partners can bring a fresh and insightful perspective to any business communication challenge. For example:

Developing a strategic plan for you business?  We can help you formulate, categorize, and communicate key ideas and concepts, and then draft key documents to ensure clarity, precision, and power.

About to undertake a new product rollout?  We can review your overall positioning strategy and marketing materials, and recommend significant improvements and enhancements. In addition, we can help you create easy-to-understand product usage instructions to enhance the consumer experience of your product.

Faced with customer service challenges?   We can analyze the messages your customer service desk is communicating-both oral and written-and identify ways to clarify, focus, and improve them.

Making a business development presentation to a key prospect?  We can review or help write your proposal, as well as coach your personnel on the most effective presentation strategies.

Delivering a major presentation to the Board of Directors?  Communication Partners can help you ensure your message is sophisticated, powerful, and comprehensible.

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