Communication Coaching

Does your firm have executives, managers, or other key personnel, who need to develop more powerful communication skills?   If so, a generic training session or mass-market seminar may not be the most efficient and cost-effective way to achieve results.

That is why Communication Partners offers intensive one-on-one coaching, an approach that offers significant benefits:  

  • Immediate Relevance-people study the principles of good communication and presentation within the context of their own work.
  • Targeted Advice-employees focus on the specific issues that cause them the most trouble and practice the techniques that will be most useful.
  • Faster Improvement-during our one-on-one sessions, people work on their own documents, presentations, and communication issues. Our feedback will provide instant improvement they can use right away.

Our communication coaching helps managers communicate with colleagues more effectively, run better meetings, and make stronger presentations to supervisors and clients.

Communication Partners can also work effectively with those managers for whom English is a second language.



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