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Communication Partners has a long track record of helping clients achieve their communication goals.

"Good communication is the most critical component of success on management consulting engagements. However, throughout the 90's ZS Associates was experiencing very rapid growth and was not providing new consultants with the communication tools and skills they needed to be successful. Communication Partners helped us with a global initiative to build the communication infrastructure and communication training curriculum that we needed to support our business and continue our growth.

"Because of Communication Partners, the quality of our communication has improved throughout the ranks of our global consulting staff, and that has made a positive impact on our clients and our business. They took the time and effort to understand our business and create custom tools and a training curriculum that addressed the specific needs of our highly skilled and technical consulting staff.

"Communication Partners was involved in the earliest stages of developing our communication strategy, right through to the implementation of our communication templates and communication training programs. They continue to develop and lead most of our communication training programs worldwide."


Kingston Smith
ZS Associates

"In the field of Project Management, success depends on excellent communication. Without it, money is wasted and time is lost. That is why we have made communication training a critical part of the Master of Project Management program here at Northwestern University.

"The Master of Project Management program is designed to prepare technically qualified individuals for responsible management roles in the construction and operation of major civil engineering projects. There is no way our students can function in such a management role without a solid grounding in excellent communication.

"The experts at Communication Partners have been working with our program since 2000, presenting seminars and coaching our students one-on-one to enhance their communication skills. The value they have added to our program is substantial. The students are well aware of this added benefit and are grateful for it; the faculty are enthusiastically supportive; and the companies who employ our graduates readily recognize and appreciate this ability. Our program is unique in many ways, not the least of which is the emphasis we have placed on communication training, and Communication Partners has been leading that effort.

"We look forward to many more years of productive collaboration."


Professor Raymond J. Krizek

Registered Professional Engineer
Director, Master of Project Management Program
Stanley F. Pepper Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Northwestern University

"As a small business starting its first corporate wide training initiative, the Rise Group picked exactly the right partner. Communication Partners was able take on virtually any communication challenge. They adjusted to our demanding schedules and fast-paced environment, and quickly understood our business and our communication needs. They worked easily with our professional staff, many of whom have advanced degrees and decades of business and technical experience. In addition to delivering top-notch training programs, they also 'trained the trainer,' providing valuable guidance in helping our professional staff communicate their technical expertise to colleagues and clients. Communication Partners also helped us with a number of other projects, including new business presentations and our 5-year strategic business plan. I am convinced that their versatility and adaptability has saved our firm substantial time and money, even as they continue to spearhead our communication training efforts."


Sonia Cooke
Vice President
The Rise Group LLC

"The Technical Writing Standard you created is an excellent document, and it has not only provided a sound foundation for the training of procedure writers, but it has also been incorporated into a number of the stations' procedure writer's guides. Thank you again for the outstanding effort."

Daniel R. Redden
Nuclear Fuel Services
Commonwealth Edison

"The Technical Writing Standard [you produced] was used as a resource for [Commonwealth Edison's Nuclear Division] Task Force on Procedure Improvement. The Technical Writing Standard has been a timely and valuable resource in the work that has been done to upgrade procedures...the initial investment made in this Document has paid great dividends."

Sandy Gould, Ed. D.
Nuclear Operations Division
Commonwealth Edison


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