Case studies in writing and editing

A number of businesses and organizations have called on Communication Partners to write, revise, and edit business or technical documents of all kinds. The case studies below provide a sampling of the writing and editing work we have done.

Symposium report refined and enhanced

A top private university, its law school, and a national foundation sponsored a major symposium on the controversial Presidential election of 2002. All the parties were eager to get the results of this symposium published on their various web sites. But the first draft of the symposium report, designed to distill the word-for-word transcript of participant remarks, didn’t do justice to the subtlety and intricacy of the arguments. So the institutions turned to Communication Partners to help them revise and edit this conference report to reflect accurately the complex and nuanced views of all the speakers who participated.

Business Plan for consulting firm helps nail down key value propositions

A fast growing consulting firm had not revised its business plan for over five years. The firm retained Communication Partners to help draft an updated business plan. We researched major issues related to the marketplace and business opportunity, helped senior management establish a new set of customer and market categories, worked closely with senior financial staff on revenue and profit projections, and helped codify and articulate key customer and market value propositions for the firm.

Private placement memorandum for health care start up clearly explains complex technology

A health care start up with a unique anti-body testing technology needed a Regulation D private placement memorandum. A Communications Partner principal wrote the 35 page document, and designed simple yet effective Visio diagrams to explain the complex technology so a non-technical reader can easily understand the concepts involved.

Fortune 500 company makes a “business case” for diversity

A large biotechnical firm made a commitment to increase the diversity of its workforce and appointed a committee to plan a diversity strategy. The committee realized that in order to get buy-in throughout the company, it must show that diversity is not just good for society; it is also good for business. The company engaged Communication Partners to write a business case showing how diversity provides business advantages.