Case studies in communication strategy development

To communicate effectively to clients, stakeholders, and employees, every business needs a powerful communication strategy. Communication Partners has helped business develop such strategies, allowing them to convey the key messages their audiences must hear. These case studies illustrate the benefits of sound communication strategy.

CEO needs to clarify complex issues related to IPO

A CEO on the verge of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) was faced with a dilemma: he had to mediate misunderstandings among investment bankers in the IPO syndicate on the delicate issues of stock allocation and deal size. He decided to produce a formal letter that addressed these issues. It was critical to strike the proper tone, yet articulate precisely various limits and restrictions, in order to resolve conflicts and move the IPO process to conclusion. He retained Communication Partners to help him craft this challenging document.


Result: The final document forcefully yet professionally articulated the responsibilities of—and the rewards to—the parties involved. The deal went forward.


Consulting firm reaches consensus on redesigning its presentation package


A fast-growing consulting firm was expanding worldwide, hiring many high-powered consultants to provide insights and advice to its clients.

But with this growth came a challenge. The firm needed to standardize the “look” of its consulting reports to ensure a consistent image around the globe. However, creating this standardized look required getting buy-in from the firm’s core of consultants who had typically taken a highly individualized approach to producing presentations.   


The firm hired Communication Partners to facilitate the process of redesigning the presentation package. Communication Partners developed a detailed and thorough action plan to accomplish the task-including internal and external market research, the development of multiple design alternatives, and consensus-building interviews with consultants and principals.

Result: the end-product was an aesthetically-pleasing presentation format that mades it easier for consultants to create information-rich presentations for their clients. Communication Partners also helped develop training modules to roll-out the new presentation format.


Private equity firm needs to help client companies develop effective strategic plans

The private equity arm of a major bank had difficulty getting its portfolio companies to create good strategic plans for their businesses. This was not surprising, since the entrepreneurial individuals who run these companies spend the vast majority of their time on day-to-day activities. Communication Partners created a series of Strategic Planning templates, designed to help these companies engage in a disciplined, yet efficient, strategic planning process.

Project management firm prepares for client interview

A fast-growing project management firm had an opportunity to land a lucrative multi-year assignment with a new client. The major interview with the client’s Board of Directors required an extensive oral interview with the entire team, including technical experts and junior members of the project team who had little experience in such a setting.  

Communication Partners helped develop the communication strategy for this presentation and provided coaching for the inexperienced members of the team in making their portion of the oral presentation.