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October 2003

"The Great Man Has Spoken? Now What Do I Do?"  A Response to Edward R. Tufte's The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint.

Edward R. Tufte, Professor Emeritus at Yale University, is considered by many the foremost expert on information design.  In his latest mongraph, The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint, he attacks Microsoft's PowerPoint, asserting that the program is like a "drug   .  .  .  making us stupid."   His criticisms are designed to make users of PowerPoint question whether they should use the software at all.

Where is he right? And where is he wrong? In this issue of our newsletter, Communication Insight, we take Professor Tufte head on and show how you CAN use PowerPoint for serious communication.



May 2003


Designing Information: Communicating Complex Knowledge in Tables and Graphs

This presentation was delivered at the European Conference of the Association of Business Communication (ABC) in Lugano, Switzerland.  (For information on ABC, visit
http://www. businesscommunication.org ). This presentation provides a brief overview of the key problems associated with information display-along with both a theoretical and practical framework to solve them.







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