Partners in helping your business communicate profitably

Communication Partners understands how written and spoken communication affects the bottom line of a business. The words used by your personnel, and the data, numbers, and images they present, are critical to the success of your enterprise. Communication will either enhance your organization's profitability and assist in sound decision-making-or lead to inefficiency and waste.

Communication Partners' mission is to help organizations reach their communication goals. Whether you have a specific communication problem to address, a long-term plan to improve communication throughout the firm, or a key person who will benefit from communication coaching we will partner with your organization to achieve success.

Communication Partners offers a range of solutions to communication challenges:

Communication strategy development – increasing the power and effectiveness of key business messages – sales, financial, and technical – to support your business strategy
Training – improving written and oral communication skills of people at all levels, through group or individualized training
Process improvement – analyzing communication work processes to increase efficiency and enhance productivity
Writing and editing – creating or revising documents critical to your business success
Communication coaching – offering intensive one-on-one coaching with key personnel to ramp up their communication and presentation skills
Financial communication – providing expert advice in structuring, organizing, and improving your presentations, spreadsheets, reports, and other critical finance and accounting documents
Technical communication  taking a user-centered approach in helping clients create effective manuals, procedures, compliance documents, and many other forms of complex technical communication
Marketing strategy and communications – developing the strategy and creating the tools – brochures, materials, and presentations – to market your products and services
Entrepreneur communication – helping start-up and early-stage businesses with important communication challenges, including business plans, investor presentations, and key capital raising documents
Cross cultural communication – providing insight and training to help companies do business in other cultures, as well as benefit from a diverse workforce


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