Using Team Commmunication to get things done

Have you ever heard yourself saying things like?...

“I was very clear in my expectations, why hasn’t she reported back to me?”
“I hear the excitement in his voice, but not the steps it takes to get the job done.”
“My role is to make sure each step of the process is complete, yet my project manager keeps interrupting me for updates.”
“A little bit of gratitude would motivate me to get the job done.”

Coursing through each of the above examples is the power of communication. In today’s competitive business environment, the tension between innovating while maintaining high quality standards impacts every member of the organization. There is plenty of research out there targeting personality traits, approach to work, and work styles. We all have a preferred style for working and communicating with others, but is it effective?

Communication Partners recognizes that while these are critical self-awareness components, understanding one’s style to foster a communication strategy, especially in times of tension, is key to individual and organizational success.

Communication Partners brings years of experience working with clients representing a wide array of industries in domestic and international markets. Our approach to developing effective team communication combines the best of work and individual style tools with communication strategy.

We have experience using tools such as the DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Belbin, and various learning style inventories. Based on your needs, Communication Partners has the breadth, knowledge, and experience to customize a solution for your particular working and communication needs resulting in a more productive and efficient team environment.





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