Designed for engineers who use PowerPoint for complex content

Communication Partners offers a customized training program, PowerPoint for Engineers™ designed to help engineers meet the tough challenges in building effective PowerPoint decks with engineering content.

Engineers often produce PowerPoints presentations that communicate detailed analyses of quantitative data, with complex graphics and specialized figures, tables, and photographs. Moreover, these PowerPoint decks are sometimes used by engineers when they make critical presentations in Technical Review Boards (TRBs) -- and the PowerPoint presentation is often the first document seen by non-specialists or managerial reviewers at the TRB. 

But most PowerPoint training does not address how to create PowerPoint decks that serve as a critical reporting and technical communication document. Instead the philosophy behind "standard" training views the PowerPoint deck as simply a visual aid behind a speaker, with the role of focusing audience attention. Engineering PowerPoint presentations that follow this philosophy can fail dramatically, as they raise more questions than they answer, and generate more objections than necessary.

A different approach

PowerPoint for Engineers™
  takes a different approach. Our program can helps engineers produce PowerPoint presentations that are:

  • Well-structured, with a clear logic that  mulitple audiences(including non-technical management) will understand, even as slides address sophisticated engineering content
  • Easy to use in a stand-up presentation, projected on a screen
  • Easy for a reader to understand as a stand-alone document, particularly if emailed or read by someone who hasn’t attended the presentation

To achieve these goals, we provide a memorable and sophisticated methodology that shows authors how to create a communication strategy, organize content, and design individual slides that capture detailed technical content.

In addition, PowerPoint for Engineerss™ focuses on best practices in designing tables, graphs, diagrams, annotated figures, and bullet points.

We customize PowerPoint for Engineers™ with your firm's engineering content and presentations, often showing dramatic before-and-after examples. We have used our methodology successfully at firms specializing in civil engineering, metallurgy, and implantable medical devices -- no content is too technical or complex.

Our training program then gives your colleagues an opportunity to re-work their presentations on the spot for instant improvement. As a result, the training becomes immediately relevant and applicable.

Bottom line?

Engineers who have attended our training and employed our principles say that their presentations not only communicate more effectively, but are also faster to write . . . and faster for teams to write collaboratively using the structured method we teach. 

Contact us today to learn how PowerPoint for Engineers™ can help your firm.



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